Driftless Paws and Tales: A Rising Starr K9 series

    Welcome to "Driftless Paws and Tales: A Rising Star K9 Series"! I'm Rick Pedersen, your host and guide through the vibrant and untouched wonders of the Driftless Area, a region that has been my home for a lifetime. Born and raised in the beautiful La Crosse, Wisconsin, affectionately known as God's country, I've been surrounded by landscapes of unparalleled, pristine beauty.

    Dogs have been my loyal companions and the heart of my adult life. They've guided me through the hidden treasures of this region, bringing the kind of joy and exuberance that only a four-legged friend can. My journey with these amazing animals has been profound and rewarding, allowing me to train an average of 50-60 dogs in a 6-day week, impacting the lives of over 600 dogs.

    I've shared my stories and adventures in both the Driftless Area and Driftless Outdoors magazines, hoping to ignite a spirit of exploration and a deep love for this region in others. I live with my wonderful wife in La Crosse, Wis, and proudly run Rising Star K9, a veteran-owned business.

    I extend a warm invitation and a playful challenge to all the dog lovers and adventurers. Join me and your furry companions in discovering the delightful experiences and hidden gems the Driftless Area offers. Whether you're starting your journey as a dog parent or a seasoned dog lover, new and exciting adventures await us!

    I'm open to and excited about partnerships and collaborations that spotlight places and businesses catering to canines and their humans. If you want to promote dog-friendly locales and services, join forces and make the Driftless Area a fantastic playground for our furry friends!

    For more dog tales and camaraderie, check out my business website at Rising Star RK9 and connect with us on Facebook at Rising Starr K9. I'm eager to hear your suggestions and stories and discover more dog-friendly places and businesses. Let's uncover the unexplored, weave unforgettable tales, and enhance the canine experience together in this extraordinary region!

    Be sure to check out Driftless ARea Magazine for all the great things to see and do in our four state Driftless Area.



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