Unleash Your Pooch's Potential with our Engaging Training Classes!



Regardless of prior training, every dog embarks on their journey here in Level 1. This class is a fun, interactive introduction to essential commands such as 'Sit,' 'Down,' 'Stationary Attention,' 'Four on the Floor,' and the ever-important 'Name Game.'

But that's not all! We also address common canine challenges like jumping, play-biting, and house training, giving you the tools to navigate these issues effectively.

The cost is $25/class as needed. Register and pay in advance.


As for progression to Level 2, here's what your furry friend needs to demonstrate: responding to its name amidst mild distractions, sitting on command, and maintaining a calm greeting with all paws on the floor when introduced to an instructor.

*Inquire about training beyond advanced

The cost is $25/class as needed. Register and pay in advance.


 Reactive Dogs:

We focus on helping reactive dogs navigate their world more calmly and confidently IN A ONE-ON-ONE envirement. Tailored for dogs that may respond excessively to stimuli such as other dogs, people, or specific situations, this class provides the tools to improve their reactions and behavior.

Our dedicated trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog manage stress and anxiety, fostering a more relaxed demeanor. We also empower you, as an owner, to understand your dog's signals and respond appropriately, encouraging a more harmonious bond.

Dogs will advance and become part of regular classes after owner has mastered the simple skills needed with one on one.


The cost is $60/SESSION as needed. Register and pay in advance.



Join our 'Puppy Stars class, a fun and interactive program tailored for your young canine companion. Guided by the American Kennel Club's (AKC) STAR Puppy Program, we'll help your puppy learn essential commands and good manners.

The class is designed to foster your puppy's social skills and harness their youthful energy into positive behavior. By the end of the program, your puppy will be ready to pass the AKC STAR Puppy test, marking their first big step in obedience and good citizenship.

Enroll your puppy in our 'Puppy Stars' class, and let's start this exciting learning journey together!

Check Facebook for the current time and dates of the next available class.

*Must attend a total of six classes to graduate, and the cost is $150 (paid in advance)


CANINE AMBASSADORS: AKC Canine Good Citizen Class

Embrace our 'Canine Ambassadors' class, specifically designed around the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program principles. This course is focused on enhancing your dog's manners and responsiveness to commands.

We'll guide your furry friend through mastering the 10 key skills required for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. This includes polite behavior around people and other dogs, walking well on a leash, and responding obediently to basic commands.

Join our 'Canine Ambassadors' class to help your pet become a respectful, well-behaved citizen and a proud bearer of the AKC Canine Good Citizen title.

Check Facebook for next available dates and times of class.


*Must attend a total of ten classes to graduate and pass a test.
The cost is $180 (paid in advance)

Services and Classes







  • Individual coaching with just you, me, and your dog and no other clients around. I will coach you to develop the
    y appointment only
  • $50 per session (come to me)*
  • * This session is 50 minutes to allow for a smooth  transition of clients respectfully be prompt
  • Cash, check, or Venmo only
  • 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or you will be charged for the session
  • I travel up to within a 10-mile radius.
  • Each session is an hour-long
  • Just you, me, and your dog. No other clients or distractions around. Individual coaching. I will coach you to have the skills and confidence to train and handle your dog.
  • By appointment only
  • Limited availability and $150 per session
  • Cash, check, or Venmo  only
  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or you will be charged for the session
  • $40 per session (10 session minimum).
  • Each training session is 30 min.
  • Collar conditioning for the SIT, HEEL, HERE, STAY, WAIT, PLACE
  • Cash or check only. You will be billed for my arrival and no key or code.
  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or you will be charged for the session

*You must purchase one of the recommended types of e-collars.

  • Dogs live with me at my house.
  • We detail what you want the dog to learn at dropoff during the board & train session.
  • Your dog will train in a calm, stress-free environment.
  • The dog will be in training 24/7.
  • This option Includes three one-on-one training sessions.
  • Must provide own food.
  • Must prove the dog is current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations.
  • $750 per week (three-week minimum)
  • $250 deposit is required to be added to the waiting list (Non-Refundable)
  • A $250 security deposit check is required;  it will be refunded if no damage or excess cleanup is required for the dog
    1000 due at drop off
  • $1000 due at pick up
  • Plus the price of equipment, I suggest you get
  • Cash, Venmo, or check only. Currently booking for 2023/2024
  • One dog at a time.
  • This is a budget friendly tiered option offering a variety of training services.