Riley K. "Rick is an amazing trainer, demonstrating passion, patience, and understanding with all animals. He takes time to help owners understand the how and why of training. Extremely knowledgeable, he always has great answers to any questions. Rick's dedication to training unmatched by any previous trainers. I highly recommend Rick and his services to anyone looking for the best trainer around. 6-star rating!"

Jayne R. "Rick truly has a gift. He works effectively with dogs of all ages, temperaments, and personalities, addressing issues from basic training to aggression and separation anxiety. Extremely knowledgeable, he provides quick answers to new questions. Rick is dedicated to helping pet owners and is first class in every respect. Highly recommend without hesitation."

RedHorse Co. "Rick and Joanne have trained dogs for myself and my puppy clients (I raise puppies) and I will certainly use their training again. You simply can't find someone that will train in-home like they do. Rick does such a great job! I highly recommend them."

More Highlights from Rising Starr K9 Reviews

  1. Brooke M.: Impressed with training for their Vizsla puppy, effective even with distractions.
  2. Cassie G.: Flexible and accommodating, highly recommends Rick’s training.
  3. Heather G.: Appreciated daily updates during training, significant improvement in dog's behavior.
  4. Erin G.: Helped integrate a new puppy, fostering positive interaction.
  5. Carla M.: Immediate control during walks, highly recommends.
  6. J.A. Zeigler: Responsive and passionate trainers, highly recommends.
  7. Emma A.: Successfully trained dog for Canine Good Citizen class, excellent communication.
  8. Cassandra S.: Small class sizes, personalized attention, beyond basic obedience.
  9. Erica L.: Significant improvement in reactive behavior, effective one-on-one sessions.
  10. Angela W.: Successful obedience and reactive training, thorough and informative sessions.



Client Testimonials

This is why we do what we do! See what Rising Starr K9 clients have to say.

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Emma A. "Harley and I appreciated Rick’s assistance in training Harley to pass her Canine Good Citizen class. She needed work on distractions, leash walking, and overall listening. Thanks to Rick’s training, Harley passed with flying colors. Rick’s consistent communication and follow-up sessions were impressive. 10/10 recommend Rising Starr K9."

Angela W. "Rick at Rising Starr K9 did wonders with Leo in both obedience and reactive training. His group and one-on-one sessions were helpful and informative. Rick helped me be more assertive, and Leo now responds immediately. Highly recommend Rick for puppy training."

Peri K. "I have loved working with Rick! He has been super flexible and always offers tips and tricks to help my dog. My aggressive dog has shown significant improvement in just a few weeks. Rick really knows his stuff!"